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About us:

Clarks Limited Liability Company is an exclusively online retailer company located in Orange County California. Clarks LLC is committed to providing the industries with the best quality products offered across the globe. We have achieved leadership in the retailing industry through our deep commitment to quality, variety, and product innovation, but above all, to excellence in customer service. We offer the brands you know and trust. We create better ways for people to form unforgettable connections with lasting impact.
It is our core policy to follow all minimum advertised pricing of brands and distributors. Clarks LLC believes that brands have the right to set MAP prices of products sold from and we do everything possible to uphold the customer requirement.

How we started


Clarks Limited Liability Company was founded in 2017 by a young entrepreneur with vast experience in the supply chain of the Aerospace industry. This knowledge provided Matias Clark with the understanding of commercializing quality products among the industries, to provide fair competition to quality small-medium emerging brands. As a certified AS9100D & ISO9001:2015, Matias provided the company with a quality focus and a structure based on customer satisfaction.

Why Clarks LLC?


We work hard to ensure that all of the products we sell fully represent the brands and improve the branding image.

We do not want to be just another seller; we want to help you sell more.

Clarks llco. will always prioritize customer satisfaction and will ensure to provide customers with the best quality products across the world. This vision provides brands protection of the branding images and reputations as well as providing a competitive market for customers to select the best products in each industry.

Understand Online Retail

Online Retail is accounted for an estimated 19.6 percent of retail sales worldwide. It’s a powerful, profitable tool when used properly. But it can also be a sprawling mess of misinformation that does more harm than good. That’s where we come in. Let us help you leverage your presence with our proven approach to our online retail channels management. We’re built to help you make sense of the market. It’s that simple.

Solutions for Customers

Solutions for Distributors

  • ​ We expand your brand exposure in a wide range of sales channels — even those you thought impossible to access or didn’t even know existed. 

  • We deliver your products at the time, place, and top conditions standards, to ensure high standards of customer satisfaction and brand image protection.

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